The Healthcare Marketer's Guide to Building a Physician Directory

Your physician directory is the digital front door for your healthcare system.

Often times, the digital experience may start before a potential patient visits a hospital’s website -- and the effectiveness of your physician directory can mean the difference between a site visitor becoming your patient or leaving your site.

Making your doctors findable is not a set-it-and-forget-it experience. The age of the on-demand mobile consumer continues to drive significant changes in the way patients seek information and care. The key to meeting patients’ needs is with a great user experience is to provide a physician directory that is visible, accurate, contextual, actionable, and measurable.

At SIM Partners, we understand that the most successful physician directories rely on a foundation of data to turn moments of need into moments of conversion -- and so we’ve updated The Healthcare Marketer’s Guide To Building a Physician Directory: Connecting with Patients in Moments That Matter.

Download our report to uncover:

  • How to build a robust physician / location data foundation to support a successful physician directory as well as search visibility
  • How integrations -- such as scheduling, reviews, and others -- support transparency and drive patient access as well as create seamless patient experiences
  • How to drive visibility to your directory as well as enhance the patient experience -- and convert site visitors into patients