The Healthcare Guide to

Omnichannel Discovery

The patient experience is becoming an omnichannel journey on demand. Succeeding in an omnichannel world requires healthcare systems to provide connected patient experience across the entire patient journey, from awareness to choosing care. Download The Healthcare Guide to Omnichannel Discovery from SIM partners to learn how.

Patients’ search for a physician probably begins on Google, but it does not end there. By the time a patient selects a doctor, it is likely that they have used their smart phones, tablets, and desktops to visit physician directories on healthcare systems’ websites, third-party rating/review sites, and social media. The Healthcare Guide to Omnichannel Discovery, based on SIM Partners’ location marketing experiences and insights in healthcare, will help you win with the omnichannel patient in an on-demand world.

Download this report to learn:

  • How the omnichannel, on-demand experience in retail is affecting healthcare
  • The ways healthcare systems are combining contextual content with data about physicians and locations to respond to the advent of the omnichannel patient
  • Specific steps that healthcare systems should take in order to flourish with omnichannel patients in an on-demand environment

Doing so means harnessing data and contextual content to guide patients through the right touchpoints at the right time.