The CMO's Guide to

Omnichannel Discovery

Your customers are on an omnichannel journey. How is your business responding?

Consumers can order a pizza on Amazon Echo, buy clothing on Pinterest, and use their cars as search engines to find a cup of coffee. Shoppers comfortably navigate multiple devices and channels to find brands. Businesses that operate multiple locations need to create a smooth journey across channels and devices to attract omnichannel consumers.

The CMO’s Guide to Omnichannel Discovery, based on SIM Partners’ location marketing experiences and insights, will help you win with the omnichannel consumer.

Download this report to uncover:

  • How the proliferation of channels, devices, and modes of discovery has created an omnichannel discovery ecosystem
  • How to unleash location data to improve visibility everywhere omnichannel consumers do “near me” searches
  • How to convert omnichannel searches to in-store commerce by applying contextual content and experiences

The CMO's Guide to Omnichannel Discovery